Henri Delille Violins © Henri Delille Violins Over the past 20 years, the Henri Delille fine stringed instruments have found their origins in Belgium and are synonymous for tradition, innovation and uncompromising quality. Each Henri Delille branded instrument is treated with the greatest care and carries the heritage of many centuries of European violin building tradition. We follow every instrument throughout its journey from a magnificent tree to an exquisite fine stringed instrument. The journey starts with carefully selecting the seasoning tone wood and allowing the wood to dry naturally for at least 15 years. This gives our instruments their typical rich and warm sound. After this natural drying process, the instruments are then handcrafted by our master violin builders with great attention for detail in our ateliers. Once the core of the instrument is ready, a varnish will be applied. This original varnish recipe and  application technique has been a carefully guarded since the very beginning and give our instruments their signature look and feel. With over 20 years of experience, up till this day, Henri Delille still continue its unrelenting quest to innovate and improve its instruments offering you only the very best instruments.